Wikitecture Coverage:

Studio Wikitecture Wins $10,000USD Linden Prize. “The reach, scope and success of all the entries — exemplified by the winners — demonstrates how individuals and organizations are using Second Life to improve the overall human condition” Linden Lab Press Release

“Wikitecture is first sophisticated tool I have seen in 3D where programmed logic provides a clear structure to facilitate collaboration.”O’reilly

“So hot tip No. 1—if you’re contemplating an office move, redesign or build and want an incredibly cool, cost-effective, low-friction means to make sure you’re extracting maximum idea horsepower from employees and design contractors, give Studio Wikitecture a call.”  Smarter Technology

“Studio Wikitecture group, an open-source architecture platform, has already garnered real-life acclaim. (This year it won the Open Architecture Challenge’s Founders Award, which encourages architects to design low-cost spaces for the needy.)” New York Times Style Magazine

“The use of Wikitecture in Second Life is emerging as something significantly different and is proving to be a successful way that we as individuals can effectively begin to form and collectively organize to act as a human network as never before…How Wikitecture works is simply genius.” Cisco – Virtual Worlds Networked Virtual Environments and Virtual Worlds

“You can say that the Sanfe Bagar conceptual project doesn’t belong to Brouchoud and Schultz, per se. They were simply the tech-savvy conduits for making it possible.”Architectural Record

” …this comes to us from Keystone Bouchard whose Wikitecture project has been one of the highlights of SL in recent years.” Dusan Writer’s Metaverse

“Their entry…was selected for a reason that is truly music to our ears: “for embracing a truly collaborative way of working using online crowdsourcing…as a way to create a highly participatory design approach.”Wikinomics Blog

(speaking on the winning entry) “This is no small nod. Born from the prestigious TED conference , the Open Architecture acknowledgment confers professional status on the highest level. Which is why I think we’re seeing the moment when… Wikitecture, becomes an industry-standard application for architecture– AutoCAD for the 21st century.”New World Notes

“Our very own Keystone Bouchard (aka Jon Brouchard) continues to trailblaze. He and his team at Studio Wikitecture – a group he co-founded on the principles of Web 2.0-based architectural collaboration methodologies – have taken the Open Architecture Network’s Founders Award for their entry and design of the Nyaya Tele-Medicine facility in Western Nepal.”not possible in real life

“He was there to present his project, and though I missed that, attendees were buzzing about it afterward… It’s not hard to see why. While it’s risky to predict that a technology can change the world, Wikitecture has a decent chance to do just that.”New World Notes

“The group developed a 3D Wiki-Tree for tracking individual designs, working together to refine them, and then add them to the overall design…Congratulations, all, for the recognition of a very neat project.”Virtual World News

“Studio Wikitecture provides one rather progressive open-source example using Second Life, a crowdsourced 3D virtual world on the web.”Cool Town Studios

“While Wikitecture for real-world design is an amazing advancement in collaborative architectural development, the process and tools seem well-suited for working with others to create builds for Web-based and online 3-D gaming and virtual world projects.”Web Worker Daily

“The group developed a 3D-Wiki plug-in for Second Life. The project is an extremely interesting example of the application of various social media techniques.”Mixed Realities

“The best way to understand the interface is to sit back and watch the introductory movie, it all becomes clear when the leaves start appearing on the tree, inspiring work: Urban

“What’s happening here is quite amazing… up in the Wiki-tree canopy, the space-time continuum has been folded in an amazing way!”No there there

“Although common adoption of open source architecture may still be years away, there are already signs that the movement is gaining ground. Over the past year or so, Studio Wikitecture is experimenting with Wikitecture protocols and procedures in order to harness the design team’s collective intelligence.”Cadalyst

“It gives me great hope for the profession as a whole, that we could find a way to tap into the unending wisdom of individuals, all of whom experience different buildings in different ways.”Buddist of Nebraska

“It seems that such collaboration between different people is really something on the cut-ting edge of our civilization development”.A Week in Second Life:

“This whole concept is pure poetry and took me to a place where creating is fun and interactive.” Luke Grange, Owner of Knowledge Solutions

“If the ideals behind Studio Wikitecture continue to evolve (to say nothing of the tools with which those ideals are given concrete form), it stands to reason that they could have quite an influence on how we look at architecture, as well as what we’ll see in the streets of our towns and cities as a result. What they’ve done so far is a series of encouraging first steps that, one hopes, will find echoes in other disciplines as well.”A Slight Delay