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Can we win this thing?!? We’ve done it before, and we could do it again, but we need your help, and it isn’t too late to be sure your name is on the contributing team list!

We’re now in the final lap, and need to quickly pull together our final presentation – due on Saturday, April 17th!

If you haven’t had time to contribute yet, it isn’t too late! There are still lots of ways you can help out. If you don’t know how to use the Wiki Tree, not a problem! That part of the design process is behind us now, and we’ve set up some simplified ways to gather your input and ideas. We need your help now more than ever, so please don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and help us win this thing!

There are three primary efforts underway that we need your help with.


First, we would like to invite you to contribute and vote on graphic layouts for our final poster board. We’re using, which allows you to vote and contribute easily through their website. Here’s the link:

We will use this site to brainstorm the overall graphic concept and layout of the ‘Presentation Board’ portion of our entry. The concept we develop will then be used as a theme, or guideline for organizing the other required graphics. The ideascale can be someone flaky, so if you get stuck, try posting on our ning site for help.  Here’s what the competition organizers ask for, specifically:

“Presentation Board @ 24″x36″ Landscape format(REQUIRED) – The presentation board should clearly display the entrant’s approach. The organizers will use this image as the primary board to display in exhibitions, publications and in community meeting in the field. This board MUST be the first image to appear in the slideshow.”

I uploaded a sample concept that you should see on the Ideascale site (linked above) – called ‘Initial Concept Idea’. You should be able to vote for or against it (and any other ideas contributed)- even without logging in. If you care to submit a concept of your own, you’ll need to set up an account, then click ‘New Idea’. There, you will be able to name and describe your idea. After creating the idea, you can then upload an images or file of your design concept. Please upload your layered construction file as well (.psd, etc.) so other contributors can build from or modify your idea.


Everyone will have until end of the day Tuesday, April 13th to cast their votes. With that, we hope to have a relatively clear sense of which conceptual approach is most popular, and will go about developing the final presentation board and other graphics with it.


Another area we need help with is in polishing the final model and completing some of the remaining tasks required to help complete the entry. The Wiki Tree has been disabled, and we now have the ‘final’ model sitting in its appropriate position on the site on the ‘2nd Live’ sim. On that model, you will see ‘hovertext’ throughout the model, indicating parts of the model that need work. Please feel free to take up any of those tasks and help make this model look great!

We also have a spreadsheet with most of the remaining work to be done itemized and available for volunteers to sign up and take responsibility for each area that needs to be done. You can access that spreadsheet here.

…and by all means, if you see a task that needs completing, please add it to the list. The document should be modifiable by anyone, with or without logging in.


Finally, we need text to help describe this project. We will probably need someone familiar with the project to boil down all of the main points, principles, observations, or big ideas we came up with along the way (reading the comments on the voting site and ning site will help with that).

However, once that has been boiled down, anyone with good writing skills can help refine and revise the text and polish it into final form.

If this is an area you would like to help with, please check out the document available here: …again, accessible by anyone.

That’s it! Again – we need your help now more than ever, so please consider jumping in and helping out in any way possible – even if only casting votes on the various concept entries on Ideascale.

Please don’t hesitate to IM Keystone Bouchard, Theory Shaw or Omei Turnbull with any questions, or email


Here are a few progress screenshots of our work to-date on the Treet.TV master plan:

Everyone is welcome to join and contribute, and we need your help!  Everything you need to know – both about Treet.TV’s needs, and how to use the Wiki Tree – can be found on this site:

We meet every Thursday at 6pm SLT, at this SLurl: If you don’t care to submit 3D ideas, you can still be very helpful by casting votes on the website –  If you don’t have a password, click the very base of the Wiki Tree at the SLurl above.  Then use your full avatar name, first and last, with the password the Wiki Tree gives you.  Your votes make a huge difference in helping guide design development, so please take the time to cast a few votes!

Here are a few screenshot highlights:


Studio Wikitecture and the Treet TV community will hosting our weekly meeting tonight, to discuss progress on the current Wikitecture project – the development of an urban ‘master plan’ for Treet Islands.  We will answer questions anyone may have, and demonstrate use of the Wiki Tree for anyone who needs help.

More about the project can be found on the Treet.TV Island Development Wiki here:

The event will be held at the current Wiki Tree site here: If you don’t already have a Second Life account, click ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right corner of this link.

See you there!

The Studio Wikitecture project on the Treet Islands is ready to start it’s dynamic and creative evolution and you are invited to come and celebrate the kick-off.

Day: Thursday 3rd September
Time: 6pm SLT
Location: Treet.TV Wikitecture Project, Tropical Treet (97, 146, 24)

For a background on the project please visit:

We need your help in deciding how the Treet Islands should be designed.  The goal of the project is to come up with a plan by voting and selecting the best ideas.

Wiz and Keystone will be at the event to talk about their goals and hopes for the project.

Although this is the official event, it’s really an informal gathering where we hope people can find out how to get involved, meet others who are working on the project and to share ideas.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 11th August at 4pm SLT
We will be doing a tutorial and demonstration describing how to use the Wiki Tree in preparation for the kick-off of the Treet Island development project.  If you can’t make this meeting, don’t worry, we will be filming it and it will be available from the wiki page:
Landmark attached.

Tuesday, 11th August at 4pm SLT

We will be doing a tutorial and demonstration of the Wiki Tree in preparation for the Treet Island development project.  If you can’t make this meeting, don’t worry, Treet will be filming it and it will be available from the wiki page:

See you there!


Greetings team Wikitecture!

We are pleased to announce an exciting new Wikitecture project, in collalboration with the entertainment network Treet TV (formerly SLCN), to design a master plan and architectural framework for their virtual headquarters.  With 200,000 unique viewers per month, this is sure to be a great way to raise awareness, and introduce new contributors to the Wikitecture process.  Better yet, Treet TV will be producing a high definition mini-series documentary following Studio Wikitecture in these formative days, for release in early 2010.

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime – here is a press release announcing the project.  Feel free to spread the word!

San Francisco, CA (July 05, 2009) – Winners of the inaugural Linden Prize, Studio Wikitecture, have formed a partnership with Second Life’s leading virtual television network Treet TV to create a collaborative building environment for bringing new life to Treet’s studio islands. The innovative Wiki Tree collaborative approach will be used to implement improvements to the aesthetics of the space and to foster community involvement.

“Studio Wikitecture’s groundbreaking community-driven system for the selection of designs and ideas fits perfectly with the Treet TV mission.  Our network is built by us and our producers as a cooperative effort, and the idea of extending that effort into the design of the spaces we share is exciting new territory.”, says Gary Wisniewski (Wiz Nordberg in SL) CEO of Treet TV.

Studio Wikitecture founder, Jon Brouchoud (Keystone Bouchard in SL), says the project presents challenges that will be a great test of the the wikitecture collaborative approach. “We are are thrilled to have been invited by Treet TV to help design a master plan and an architectural framework for their islands. The fact that there is already an active and vibrant community using the islands means it’s going to be a lot of fun to develop according to the wishes of a large group of stakeholders..”

Brouchoud and Wisniewski expect the development to extend and compliment the existing synergy between the several popular shows that are filmed on the Treet TV islands including Tonight Live, Designing Worlds and Fabulous Fashion.

The development process is set to begin immediately and proposed elements will be open for review by late July.  As work progresses, Treet TV plans to create a documentary about the process and its outcome for release early in 2010.

About Treet TV
Treet TV is an entertainment network that serves virtual worlds viewers and producers. Established in March 2007, Treet TV uses a collaborative production model which has resulted in more than 3000 hours of broadcast quality content, all targeting the emerging phenomenon of virtual living. Shows are broadcast live to audiences inworld on Treet TV enabled television screens, as well as live onto the world wide web. Large scale live events in the past include the Transformers press event, Philip Rosedale SL6B Opening Ceremony and the Best Practices in Education conference.

About Studio Wikitecture
Studio Wikitecture is a collaborative design group that enables public participation in design projects through voting, commenting, or uploading their own ideas to a ‘3D Wiki,’ technology they developed.

In June, 2009, their award winning technology and process won Architecture for Humanity’s overall ‘Founder’s Award’ in the Open Architecture Challenge to design a medical clinic in Nepal.  In May of 2009, they also won the inaugural $10,000 USD Linden Prize for  “demonstrating how individuals and organizations are using Second Life to improve the overall human condition.”

The University of Alabama‘s new virtual classroom is installed and ready to be used!  The University is very happy with the end result, and there are plans to make use of it in the semesters ahead.   Visit the final installation HERE (SLurl).

Congratulations to those who participated!  Now it’s time to vote, to allocate the 250,000 Linden distribution to your fellow contributors!

If you joined in any of the building or brainstorming, please log-in to the website ( and click the ‘Contribution’ button on top.  Here you’ll find a list of group members, and a field where you can enter the percentage you feel they contributed to the project.  Obviously you have 100 percentage points to divide up – so do your best to consider what you think is a fair assessment of each persons contribution to the project.

To help you and your fellow contributors hone in on the fair percentages to allot to all the contributors, we’ll have two voting rounds.  After the 1st round, which ends…

THIS SATURDAY, March 7th (1st Round)

we will post the results on the ‘Contribution’ page.

By providing the results of the 1st round, contributors can better can a sense of how they or their fellow contributors were viewed in the eyes of other contributors. For example, if someone turns up with a very low percentage, but you know for certain they contributed far more – you can allocate more of your vote percentage to that person in order to make it more accurate to what you observed…or, course, the opposite could be true as well.

If after, viewing these results, you would like to tweak your allotted percentages, you encouraged to do so, in the 2nd round.   This 2nd round will last until…

TUESDAY, March 10th (2nd Round)

We will then distribute 250,000 Lindens based on the percentage results of these 2 voting rounds.  Theory and Keystone will be voting, but not included in the payout.

Again, congratulations to the group on a job well done!

Studio Wikitecture

Our presentation to the University of Alabama went very well!  Many thanks to all who attended and provided feedback.  I’ve posted the transcript here:

Now is an ideal time to jump into the ‘Re-Inventing the Virtual Classroom’ project, if you haven’t already!   I’ve included a step by step guide to getting involved below.

After hearing the University’s feedback on the 16th, we will have a better understanding of what the University wants, and will begin folding everything together into a continuously evolving design idea.  So, even if you haven’t participated yet, this is a perfect time to get involved!  Again, we are distributing 250,000 Lindens, based on community-assessed contribution analysis, so your participation will be rewarded based on how much other contributors believe you’ve put into it.  If you don’t want to contribute a design idea, you can still get contribution points by sharing ideas and commenting within the Wikitecture Forum for this project:

To review, here are a few of the basic steps you’ll need to take in order to participate:

1.)  Get a Second Life account, by visiting this site:
2.)  Download Second Life,
3.)  Open the Second Life application, and enter the username and password you just created
4.)  Do the basic tutorial to learn the basics of walking, flying, etc.
5.)  When you’re ready, click this link – then click the ‘teleport’ this link will bring up:
6.)  Find the wiki-tree, and click the very base of that tree.  It will give you a password.
7.)  Use your full avatar name (first and last), and the password given to you by the tree to log into this site:
8.)  You can now review designs that have been submitted so far by either clicking the ‘leaf’ spheres on the Wiki-tree and watching them appear on the site – where you can walk through the ideas.  Or, you can review them on the website, along with design descriptions, and discussion, etc.
9.) You can cast a total of 3 positive and 3 negative votes on the designs.  Votes can be distributed to several designsn, or all given to 1 design.  If you cast more than 3, it replaces the first votes you cast, and so on.
10.)  To review more community discussion around the project, visit the forum, and register if you want to participate, using your avatar name.
11.)  Think of ways you can combine the best of the ideas you’ve shared so far, combined with your own ideas… when you’re reviewing designs at the wiki-tree, you can simply select the designs you like, and ‘Take a Copy’.  Then, head to a sandbox to synthesize your contribution!  There is a sandbox near the University of Alabama site, or you can visit one on Architecture sim here: (
12.)  Remember this is not a competition!  Wikitecture is all about collaboration, and sharing ideas.  The last thing you should do is work out a final and polished design before submitting it to the tree for others to review.  You’ll run the risk of spending too much time on an idea the community migh not adopt.  The rule of thumb is to share ideas early, and often… this will give the community a chance to provide feedback, and maybe even include your idea in a new hybrid design contribution.
11.)  When you’re ready to share your own 3D design idea using the Wiki-tree, just let Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw know, and we will walk you through the process.  Otherwise, you can review the tutorial here:
12.)  Once your design is submitted, it will automatically create a new place for it on the website.  You can change the leaf description, and add any design descriptions or screenshots that will help others understand your design.
13.)  Check the site often to see how your design does in the community!  Remember to continuously cast your 3 positive and 3 negative votes regularly, so the community can get a sense of what are the best ideas to carry forward!

That’s about it!  I know it seems like a lot – but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier to understand and participate.  The best part is, once you understand this system, you’ll be able to jump into the next Wikitecture projects without hesitation, and maybe even begin earning some extra spending cash!  At the very least, you’ll be able to witness the design evolution, knowing you played a roll in shaping and evolving it.

As always, contact Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw if you have any questions at all!

Good luck!

On Tuesday, December 16th from 8:30 am until 9:30 am SL-time (PDT), we will be giving several University of Alabama staff a tour of the Wikitecture designs that have been contributed so far.  Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you haven’t submitted a design.  We will rez each design, then walk around inside of it while reading the text description of each leaf in voice (we will also paste that text into chat).  If you have any additional feedback or design description you would like to be included in the presentation, please add it to your leaf’s text as a comment, and we will be sure to include it.

This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions we may have, any concerns we want to express.  So, if you have any questions you would like to ask, please post them in the forum, or send them via IM directly to Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw.

We will encourage them to provide their feedback through comments on the website, and by casting their votes, and will also encourage them to stay tuned in the final weeks of design development as we refine the design for our final January 19th presentation.  Again, we want to achieve a near ‘final’ design by January 9th so we have time to refine and polish the final design before turning it over to to the University of Alabama.

So far, they have been very impressed with the ideas that have been shared so far!  Thanks again to everyone who is participating

Studio Wikitecture Portfolio