If around the Chicago area, I’ll be talking about Studio Wikitecture at the IIT hosted colloquium on “integrating virtual realm design environments into integrated building delivery methodologies and curricular intents.”

It’s free, and open to the public.  So come on down.

Here’s the list of other speakers…

Sachin Anand, dbHMS – Envisioning Energy Flux

Keith R. Besserud, SOM – BlackBox Studio

David Bier, Futurity – Growing BIM: Creating Platforms for Engaging the Environment

Joseph Burns, Thornton Tomasetti – Structure not Unseenly

Aaron Greven, AG Design Works – Status of the BIMvolution

Neil Katz, SOM – BlackBox; Vibrant Vision

Robert J. Krawczyk, IIT – The Role of Exploration: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

T.J. McLeish – Virtual Realms as Planning Tools/Digital Design and Fabrication

Matt Reimer, Gilbane Building Company – Preseeing and Its Impact on Process

Ryan Schultz, Studio Wikitecture – Task Definition for Distributed Management