We are in the semi-final round for developing a Master Plan for Treet TV, and would really appreciate your votes to help determine which designs we should focus further development on during this final iteration phase.  Read more about the project challenge here: http://tinyurl.com/l785nh

During our most recent feedback meeting with Treet, there were some concerns expressed around the feasibility of several concepts, and though they don’t have a specific budget in mind for executing the design, they were concerned that some of the designs would be prohibitively expensive or complex to actually build.  They also provided some specific areas they wanted to see focus on, as expressed in this post: http://tinyurl.com/yjvaa9s

Keep in mind that the only two designs submitted since we learned of Treet’s feedback are the top two designs shown.  You are free to vote for previous designs if you feel very strongly that they should be considered, but keep in mind that they don’t necessarily accommodate the feedback we’ve received since they were submitted.

How to Vote:

To vote, you can simply log into to http://www.studiowikitecture.com using your full avatar name, (First, Last) and the password you obtained in Second Life by clicking the very base of the tree at the Tropical Treet sim.  Once you’re logged in, click ‘All Designs’ on the very top of the screen, and you’ll see every design that has been submitted.  You can cast a total of 3 positive, and 3 negative votes – and you can spread those votes out across 3 different design if you like, or cast all 3 on one design if you really like it.  If you cast more than 3, the first vote you cast will be removed