Thanks to everyone who submitted designs during the first round of development on Treet TV’s master plan!  As usual, the Studio Wikitecture team came up with some amazing and creative ideas, and it gave Treet TV a lot to think about!  As with many planning projects, the goals and objectives were not very clear in the beginning – but the Wikitecture process was very effective in helping flesh out a wide variety of different ideas.


Go to the following site for more information on each design: (you’ll need to be logged in first)

With these proposals, we were able to gather some invaluable feedback and reactions from Treet TV’s management team, and have included that feedback below.

We will keep design development open until November 17th, at which time we will invite everyone to cast their votes to determine the most popular designs.  We will also meet with Treet TV’s management team again, and based on their feedback and the voting results, we will choose 2 designs that are most promising.

We will then work on refining and combining those top designs for 2 more weeks, ending December 1st.

With a final voting round, we will then have arrived at a final design proposal, and will spend 1 final week polishing that design – finishing the project on December 8th.

We will then hold a final, public presentation of the concept to Treet TV sometime during the 2nd week of December.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  We can be reached at info @

If you haven’t had a chance to submit any ideas yet – now is the time!  With fresh feedback, and a more clear sense of Treet’s objectives, this is an ideal time to jump in and offer up some ideas!  Anyone is welcome to join and contribute!

Here is the feedback from Treet TV:

When looking at a design, here are some of the questions that are good to ask.   None of these are requirements, but all are the kinds of things that we will look for.

  • Where are the common areas?  And where are the areas that are available to be occupied by new tenants and for new uses?
  • The areas “available” need to be attractive and inviting so people understand that they are ready to be occupied.  What design elements encourage people to be attracted to areas available to build?
  • Where will visitors land for orientation?
  • Each island has a telehub.  Will each island have a visitor orientation space?  Or, will each island telehub be a “mini orientation space” that leads them somewhere else?
  • Where are areas suitable for the “special purposes” listed below?
  • Are there areas of “sacred ground” that people know are never going to be developed, but are public and open so people can gather and enjoy themselves?
  • If somebody wants temporary studio space, where is the most likely place?
  • If a visitor tour were to be developed, what would be the main attractions?
  • Does the design incorporate water in a way that avoids the “four postage stamps in the pond” effect?

Some of the “special purposes” we might need to use land for:

  • Merchandising related to shows (perhaps a few shops)
  • Cafe space for meetings
  • Space for a “Treet Exhibition” to invite people to  meet all show producers.  Nice if the exhibition space were outdoors, flea-market style, and could be used for many purposes, yet doesn’t look bad if it’s empty.
  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • VIP gatherings
  • Small “office parks” of two offices MAXIMUM that can be scattered about so that people can have relaxing office space with the flexibility to have offices suit personal taste.