In our pursuit of exploring the methods behind an open source approach to architectural practice, we have continually wondered – if a project is truly open and contributions can come from anywhere and anyone, can a system be devised that can pay contributors fairly for their contributions?

Like any open project, contributions vary widely in size and in quality, and are in times hard to quantify and hard to parse out who did what and to what extent.  So, how, in this highly collaborative approach, could contributors get paid fairly for their work?

If, in the end, an open and highly collaborative approach produces a final product that is better, cheaper, and quicker to build then the traditional siloed approach to designing and constructing buildings, it seems logical to seek a system whereby all the parties involved can be assured they will be rewarded fairly for their quality efforts.

This is a tremendously complicated problem to solve, if it can be solved at all.  Although we are far from knowing all the answers, we can at least take a rough stab.

The preceding slideshare, is that rough stab.  As you will see, it’s far from polished, but in the spirit of ‘releasing early and releasing often’, I wanted to share what I have so far and would be grateful for any feedback you might have.

In order to facilitate a more effective way of hearing community feedback around this idea, we have set up an ‘Ideascale’ site…