Greetings team Wikitecture!

We are pleased to announce an exciting new Wikitecture project, in collalboration with the entertainment network Treet TV (formerly SLCN), to design a master plan and architectural framework for their virtual headquarters.  With 200,000 unique viewers per month, this is sure to be a great way to raise awareness, and introduce new contributors to the Wikitecture process.  Better yet, Treet TV will be producing a high definition mini-series documentary following Studio Wikitecture in these formative days, for release in early 2010.

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime – here is a press release announcing the project.  Feel free to spread the word!

San Francisco, CA (July 05, 2009) – Winners of the inaugural Linden Prize, Studio Wikitecture, have formed a partnership with Second Life’s leading virtual television network Treet TV to create a collaborative building environment for bringing new life to Treet’s studio islands. The innovative Wiki Tree collaborative approach will be used to implement improvements to the aesthetics of the space and to foster community involvement.

“Studio Wikitecture’s groundbreaking community-driven system for the selection of designs and ideas fits perfectly with the Treet TV mission.  Our network is built by us and our producers as a cooperative effort, and the idea of extending that effort into the design of the spaces we share is exciting new territory.”, says Gary Wisniewski (Wiz Nordberg in SL) CEO of Treet TV.

Studio Wikitecture founder, Jon Brouchoud (Keystone Bouchard in SL), says the project presents challenges that will be a great test of the the wikitecture collaborative approach. “We are are thrilled to have been invited by Treet TV to help design a master plan and an architectural framework for their islands. The fact that there is already an active and vibrant community using the islands means it’s going to be a lot of fun to develop according to the wishes of a large group of stakeholders..”

Brouchoud and Wisniewski expect the development to extend and compliment the existing synergy between the several popular shows that are filmed on the Treet TV islands including Tonight Live, Designing Worlds and Fabulous Fashion.

The development process is set to begin immediately and proposed elements will be open for review by late July.  As work progresses, Treet TV plans to create a documentary about the process and its outcome for release early in 2010.

About Treet TV
Treet TV is an entertainment network that serves virtual worlds viewers and producers. Established in March 2007, Treet TV uses a collaborative production model which has resulted in more than 3000 hours of broadcast quality content, all targeting the emerging phenomenon of virtual living. Shows are broadcast live to audiences inworld on Treet TV enabled television screens, as well as live onto the world wide web. Large scale live events in the past include the Transformers press event, Philip Rosedale SL6B Opening Ceremony and the Best Practices in Education conference.

About Studio Wikitecture
Studio Wikitecture is a collaborative design group that enables public participation in design projects through voting, commenting, or uploading their own ideas to a ‘3D Wiki,’ technology they developed.

In June, 2009, their award winning technology and process won Architecture for Humanity’s overall ‘Founder’s Award’ in the Open Architecture Challenge to design a medical clinic in Nepal.  In May of 2009, they also won the inaugural $10,000 USD Linden Prize for  “demonstrating how individuals and organizations are using Second Life to improve the overall human condition.”