sl6b options

Second Life’s 6th Birthday is getting dangerously close.  We need to have it setup, on the site by Saturday, June 20! We have a lot of good ideas and themes springing to life, but in order to concentrate everyone’s efforts in the next couple days , we could use a concentrated wave of votes from the community!

Whether you submitted a design iteration, or are watching the design unfold, we could use your vote!  You can simply cast your vote on the  After logging in, go to to see all the design iterations.  From here you can cast 3 positive and 3 negative votes.

To Register to Vote:

If you do not have a login for site, the following steps will get you one.

  1. Login to Second Life.
  2. Join the ‘Studio Wikitecture’ group, if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Teleport to the following link:
  4. Once there, ‘touch’ the base of the ‘wiki-tree’ interface (which is the image below), to get the password for the website.
  5. Your Password will be broadcast to you via the Chat Channel.
  6. Now go to the site and enter…
    1. login: use your full ‘Second Life’ name. (eg: John Doe)
    2. password: <the password the ‘wiki-tree’ gave you through the chat channel>
  7. Now you can go to to cast your votes!  Thank You.