The University of Alabama‘s new virtual classroom is installed and ready to be used!  The University is very happy with the end result, and there are plans to make use of it in the semesters ahead.   Visit the final installation HERE (SLurl).

Congratulations to those who participated!  Now it’s time to vote, to allocate the 250,000 Linden distribution to your fellow contributors!

If you joined in any of the building or brainstorming, please log-in to the website ( and click the ‘Contribution’ button on top.  Here you’ll find a list of group members, and a field where you can enter the percentage you feel they contributed to the project.  Obviously you have 100 percentage points to divide up – so do your best to consider what you think is a fair assessment of each persons contribution to the project.

To help you and your fellow contributors hone in on the fair percentages to allot to all the contributors, we’ll have two voting rounds.  After the 1st round, which ends…

THIS SATURDAY, March 7th (1st Round)

we will post the results on the ‘Contribution’ page.

By providing the results of the 1st round, contributors can better can a sense of how they or their fellow contributors were viewed in the eyes of other contributors. For example, if someone turns up with a very low percentage, but you know for certain they contributed far more – you can allocate more of your vote percentage to that person in order to make it more accurate to what you observed…or, course, the opposite could be true as well.

If after, viewing these results, you would like to tweak your allotted percentages, you encouraged to do so, in the 2nd round.   This 2nd round will last until…

TUESDAY, March 10th (2nd Round)

We will then distribute 250,000 Lindens based on the percentage results of these 2 voting rounds.  Theory and Keystone will be voting, but not included in the payout.

Again, congratulations to the group on a job well done!

Studio Wikitecture