Congratulations to the Wikitecture group on another job well done!  Our deadline for contributions and voting has passed (thanks to Daruma for reminding everyone to cast their final votes!).

The design that ended up with the most votes is leaf #1228858370, which we will now refine and polish into the final build we will present to the University of Alabama next week. The original seed concept that led to this design describes the core idea best:

“The idea is to blend some of the best ideas contributed so far into an open air classroom structure (Veeyawn) at the ground level, which builds on the existing neo-classical tradition of the existing campus. Hovering above this more formal structure are 5 platforms that can be moved or added on over time, based on the University’s current needs. Faculty would have several pre-designed platform options to choose from, ranging from interactive classrooms (Azwaldo) to natural and landscaped platforms (Daruma) to structures representing the curriculum outline (Zage). Others might be placed totally empty, leaving it up to the students and faculty to customize based on their class content or curriculum. As new technology emerges, new pre-scripted platform modules can easily be added to the mix. They don’t necessarily have to hover over just this parcel, but could be deployed on any of the University’s islands and by any department, or several can be coupled together and be used for research projects, etc. These platforms can remain very flexible, active and dynamic – shifting and changing, visually representing the current status of the virtual campus as it changes over time – while leaving the ground plane as a more consistent, formal and familiar campus and commons area.”

Since contributing this leaf, several of the core ideas suggested in this design have already been carried forward.  For example, the platform emitter technology has been built through Omei’s recent leaf #1229381709.  Also, the options for platform designs have been carried forward nicely through Daruma’s leaf #1231429167

The remaining task is to polish and refine the architectural shell of the ground-level build, and to do any tweaking or polishing that needs to be done with Azwaldo’s interactive classroom concept.  Remember, your effort in polishing and refining the final design will still factor into the final contribution assessment and subsequent payout based on that assessment.  Since Keystone Bouchard and myself (Theory Shaw) are the organizers of this project, we will not be accepting any payout, and will instead re-distribute our assessed payout evenly based on the rest of the group’s participation percentage.

To help organize our collective effort in polishing the final design, we have started a new category in the Forum, that can be accessed here:

This thread will be used to describe the various tasks that will need to be accomplished.  Such tasks include the following:

  • incorporating Daruma’s designs, and any other platform modules into Omei’s or Daruma’s emitter system, and finalizing the layout of a generic platform upon which these platform options will rez
  • We could really use the help of a seasoned Second Life expert builder that can polish the design, minimize prim usage, and develop quality and professional textures for the build wherever appropriate
  • finalizing and polishing Azwaldo’s interactive classroom system
  • Develop any presentation graphics we might need to describe the concept to the University
  • Any additional tasks can be added to the forum as the need arises

And since, we were a little late getting this email out, the final, final deadline will be Friday, January 23rd.

Please IM Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw if you have any questions!  We look forward to wrapping up this project shortly!