Thank you for voting!  The following top 3 schematic designs have been voted to move on to the next round of design development and refinement.

Although the following 3 schematic designs will provide the kernel of ideas for the final designs, you are not restricted, in any manner, to use and synergize any other ideas that have been presented to the group thus far; i.e. those ideas discussed either on the Studio Wikitecture all designs page or the forum. Everything is still far game.  And also, just for clarification, the next two stages are open to ‘everyone’ who would like to still participate.

We have only put forth these voting rounds to garner the community’s feedback in order to give you some relative decisions on which to base further design refinement.




The next round, which we are calling the Design Development (DD) round, will last from ‘now’ until December 3rd.  After which, another voting round will take place between the 3rd and 6th of December.

After the 6th we then use the remaining 5 days before the Dec. 11th deadline to refine and polish the final design. Contributors can take the design we’ve chosen as ‘final’ and rebuild or retexture or otherwise polish the final design to make it the highest quality end-product we can collectively achieve.

Again, thanks for voting and have a relaxing Thanksgiving… well, that is, if you celebrate the Turkey Day.