Now is your chance to have your voice be heard – but, you have to act fast!  We need EVERYONE in the group to cast their votes on this phase by today! (Monday, the 24th November).  This will help us determine which of the preliminary designs submitted so far we should focus on folding into the next round of design and refinement.

In order to vote, you must be registered (get your password by clicking the base of the wiki-tree at the UA ESPRMC sim with the ‘Studio Wikitecture’ group active) then use your full avatar name and this password to log into this website: We each get a total of 3 positive and 3 negative votes to cast – and we encourage you to use them all up!  You can always re-assign them later.  After Monday, we let everyone know which 3 designs the community has chosen to act as the design seeds for the final round of refinement, and we can all roll up our virtual sleeves and get to work folding these best ideas into a final solution we will present to the University of Alabama!  If you have feedback that can’t be conveyed in a vote or a comment on a particular design, use the Forum – found under the ‘Feedback and FAQ’ button on the website.  As always, direct any questions to Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw.  Thanks for voting.