As our December 11th deadline approaches, we need to establish some milestones and are asking that everyone submit any and all preliminary design concepts they may be working on by end of day Saturday, November 22nd.

We will then ask everyone to cast all of their votes by end of day Monday, November 24th.

That will give us a clear picture as to which ideas we should move forward toward further design development in the weeks ahead.

Since the ideas behind Wikitecture are to brainstorm and design with the group, as well as modify and refine each other’s contributions, we would like to let everyone know that the winners of the $1000 (L$250,000) will be restricted to those final designs that incorporate, to some obvious level, the ideas and designs voted forward in the Nov. 24th voting round.

For example, although someone might submit an entirely new design after this first voting round, the design will not be eligible for the $1000 distribution.  We only do this to encourage the community to combine the best ideas, and to riff off each other’s ideas throughout the project’s schedule.  In this way, we are trying to avoid a traditional competition where best ideas found in the running up designs are never incorporated in the final, since only one design is chosen as the winner.

Wikitecture process seeks to improve on that limitation by selecting the best designs early, and allowing the community to combine those into something greater than those individual ideas were on their own.

Other than that, thanks for contributing so far and as always, let us know if you have any questions!