[update: meeting transcript published here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddqzdng9_408fr9js6cf]

If you’re interested in participating in the ‘Re-Inventing the Virtual Classroom‘ project, read on!

We will demonstrate how the tree works, and how you can submit a design idea for the ‘Re-Inventing the Virtual Classroom‘ project currently underway (more about that here: http://tinyurl.com/6odq3d).  Remember, we will be dividing a 250,000 Linden award between contributing members, based on percentages derived from the final contribution assessment, so be sure to submit your ideas ASAP!

When you’re brainstorming ideas to contribute, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a design competition – but a collaborative design project.  The key is to get your ‘kernel’ ideas in ASAP so that you have an increased likelihood of your ideas being carried forward by other community members.  The best way to collaborate isn’t to to work alone developing a polished and final design, but to submit rough ideas to the Wiki-tree in a ‘rough draft’ state as often as you can.  This makes it possible for others to take your idea and improve upon it.  Likewise, you can (and should!) take the ideas others have already submitted and make modifications and improvements to those ideas as you see fit.  It isn’t just a place to submit your final design idea, but a place to share lots of smaller ideas and rough drafts – so that we can collectively carry the best ideas to the next level.

Also, when you’ve submitted an idea, its very important to log into the website: http://www.studiowikitecture.com/UA and click the ‘All Designs’ button, then find the leaf you just submitted.  From there, you can click the ‘More Info’ button and write a comment describing your ideas.  This really helps the community get a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish – thereby increasing the likelihood of attaining more positive votes!

Which brings me to the final point – which is Vote, Vote, Vote!  Everyone 3 positive, and 3 negative votes they can cast on contributions other have made.  If you cast more than 3, the first one you cast is removed.  You can place more than 1 vote on a single design.  For example, if you really like an idea, you can place all 3 of your positive votes on that leaf.  Likewise, if you really think an idea is bad, you can vote it down -3.  You can place votes either in-world at the Wiki-tree, or on the website.  This process is incredibly important as the community collectively determines which of the contributions are the ‘best’ – so those ideas can be clear candidates for further development.  If we don’t vote on each others design ideas, the Wikitecture process simply won’t work.  So, VOTE! =) In addition, you can only vote for your fellow contributor’s design. We feel if members are able to vote on their own designs, there’s a greater likelihood of watering down the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, so to speak.

As always – any questions go to Keystone Bouchard or Theory Shaw.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!!!  We’re happy to help.